Surface modeling


I have a model with 4 lines that I want to create a surface out of. Three of the four are compound curves and the other is a simple line. I have tried patch, networksrf and edgesrf but I always get a wrinkle at the narrow end of the shape. I rebuilt the curves and I’m still getting a wrinkle.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

CosmasSurfacing model.3dm (138.5 KB)

(John Brock) #2

There is no single command that will make an accurate surface from those curves. Keep in mind, the topology of a NURBS surface is a rectangle.
Based on your curves, they suggest they could be trim curves that could be used trim a simpler surface. The only curve that could be a surface edge is A. If B and D were extended and rolled under, then the 4th edge could be and extended C curve.

Here are some visually similar curves and surface that might give you an idea.
Then you could use your curves as a trim boundary and get the shape you’re after.


Thank you John. That makes sense.