Flowing along a complex surface

Hi everyone, I’m trying to flow the green objects beneath the floor onto the roof itself. The problem is that because the roof skin has been created by quite an extensive network of curves the surface is massively overcomplicated points wise. Any time I try to flow onto the surface it takes ages and just seems to run the command indefinitely, is there any way to simplify the roof skin while maintaining it’s shape? There might be some other way to get the same result that doesn’t involve flow as well because there’s quite a lot of construction lines but I really need the polysurfaces to stick to the skin and not overlap as much as possible. I’ve tried rail revolve for this and the objects cut through the skin. I know this is probably a million times easier with nurbs or panelling grids but I just feel like I’m in too deep. If anyone knows a fix for this it’d help so much, I feel like I’ve been trying to do this for about a week now

Also does anyone know how I could upload this, even saved small the 3dm file is 119mb

These are some snapshots of the base surface, the objects below the base surface and the surface that I’m trying to flow onto. I’m trying to get a similar effect to the object that are already on the blue surface in the last snapshot just in perpendicular concentric shapes, I’ve got the rail curves for the shapes already. Sorry I can’t get the file uploaded

Have you already tried _Rebuild command to that surface? If no use it and give spancounts (U V) low numbers.

Hi Adn, I have tried that, the problem is the surface has sharp corners and if I rebuild then those get rounded

Then copy/paste that surface and hide the original one, split the copy surface on sharp places then use _Rebuild to all pieces. Then use _MergeSrf and get one piece. Use flowalong on that surface, after all done delete copied surface and unhide original one.

Thanks Adn that was great sorry it took me a while