Question concerning FlowAlongSrf command


I am having issues with the FlowAlongSrf Command. I have attempted to use the command, but I do not understand why it decides to place the texture surface that I have created under the bottle. I understand that you have to specify certain settings within the command to achieve the desired result, but each time I change the settings, it either puts the texture inside the mug or under the mug in an odd shape. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

you have to check the UV aligment in either the base and target surface, also you have to choose the same corner of each surface.
other tip:
if your target surface is a revolve, you will get better results if the base surface is a planar revolve. ( like a disc)

Hello, thank you for the feedback. I think that I managed to figure out that problem, but I had just one more question. Is there a way to get the Flow Along Surface command to stop leaving a gap in my texture?