Flow problem

Hello, in this example when i use odd number one of curve (the last one in x axis) always in the negative direction.

test.gh (6.6 KB)

When i change offset distance and number of cells > 1, the direction of the curve filpped up in some values.

Hi @seghierkhaled,

Yes, this often occurs when trying to distribute geometries in radial fashion. For your example, it would probably be better to apply a more low-level approach with vectors and planes, where you effectively have more control yourself.

Instead of flowing along curves, you can for instance orient an object from an initial plane to other target planes. Here, your geometry gets “restricted” to three axes and the plane origin, instead of just a line or single axis, which it can rotate around uncontrollably.

If I had to guess, I’d say that your problem stems from the Flow component assuming the base line as the x-axis of a plane and probably the curve tangent as the normal or z-axis of the same plane.
Now, as it flows around the curves in question with a radial motion, the base line stays the same, but the target planes at the start and end of the curves are probably opposite to each other, which causes your last geometry to be flipped horizontally.

test2.gh (12.3 KB)

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Thank you
I used flow to control sections with offset , Orient direction also have a problem with one curve
and orient work fine but unlike flow need to add scale component
At this time i will use your suggestion until developers fix the problem

test1.gh (13.9 KB)

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You’re welcome.

I think that this is “normal” behaviour and not necessarily a bug. :wink:

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Maybe; but need an improvement, if you see the videos a little change in offset value give different results, and odd number in cells count give wrong result.
There is something wrong for sure.

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its really strange, i had a really same issue yesterday. and when i saw this topic, i want to take some screenshots of my definition with this problem - but it’s gone! But then i realise, orient curve works unexpected only with referenced geometry and with grasshopper geometry its all fine.

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