Floor Plan Sketch to Walls

Hi guys,

I want to get floor plan sketch to Rhino through Grasshopper. I want to get Building outline and Walls. Example image is below. Any idea where to start?

Building U L01.pdf (485.2 KB)

I would insert the PDF and get it to scale, then turn on my GridSnap with appropriate units, as well as Smart Track and Gumball. Then i would use rectangle and polylines to quickly rough everything out, using SubObject Select and Gumball a lot. I would rotate my view or have ortho angle set to a good angle. Once i roughed it in I would use Curve Boolean to create the rooms, halls and such. Probably 30-45 mins or so all together.

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I would also turn on PrintDisplay and crank up the Width

Hi @japhy,

I was asking for a more programmatical way to do it actually. Thanks anyway.

This is probably way harder to do than you might think!

An easy approach that will possibly yield very mediocre results, is vectorising the sketch. However, you’d have to remove the furnishings first, strip it down to the walls. The result will probably be rather messy and thus will need lots of cleaning up.

What you probably have in mind would necessitate some cutting edge machine learning, paired with computer vision.

Honestly, manually this can be done in 1 to 2 hours. All you have to do is draw the walls. Doors, windows, and furniture can be inserted as blocks with copy and paste.

thanks @diff-arch. I knew I could achieve this using ML but finding dataset was harder than I thought. Then I will dig more into ML and try to find dataset for this purpose.

Yes, I can only imagine. There probably is none.