Floating viewport fullscreen bug

Hello Guys,
I think i found a little bug in the “new floatingviewport” command in the actual wip version.
My main Modeling Screen is my second screen beside my macbook. I use the mini display port.

  1. I type “newfloatingviewport” to create a new Viewport on my normal macbook screen beside my external display.
  2. I choose “perspective” in the dialogue
  3. I click the green (Apple system) button on the new viewport to see it in fullscreen mode.
  4. I close the fullscreen window by clicking the red button (Apple system button) on the top of the viewport.

Consequence: my Rhino crashes
It is no bug out of a file it happened with every file oder new design I tested.

Regards - Pascal

I see this too. Thanks for reporting! Logged in MR-2694.