Rhino 7 for mac crashing when closing floating viewports

HI all,

Rhino is repeatedly crashing when I try to close floatng viewports.

I have 2 floating viewports open in the file, and I no longer need them.

The file crashes every time I close them, then re-opens with the same floating viewports present. I cant get rid of them.

I’m now also unable to scroll zoom in top view. All other views fine, and the file operates fine apart from the above.

Any fixes?

Many thanks,

that is on the menu for quite some time, i dont have the status handy but it feels like the mac team for rhino is too busy making new bugs, forgetting to pet the old ones :blush:

Hi -

RH-61979 was first fixed in Rhino 7.3 and then backported to Rhino 7.2.
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here. If the issue is file-specific, please also post a file that behaves like that on your system.