Flipped Surfaces?

Hi, has there been a change on the display of surfaces recently? I have all my shaded settings to default and I don’t remember seeing different tones depending on orientation…

It is even more obvious in Grasshopper. Which is really annoying to display live geometry to clients.
I can fix it in Rhino by running ‘flip’ but again I never had to before…

In Grasshopper I don’t have that much luck as Flip component does not seem to fix the display difference.

surfaces.3dm (175.7 KB)
surfaces.gh (13.8 KB)

Hello- I see that, thanks for the example file - I’ll see what I can find out.
RH-69567 Display: Shaded views depend on normal direction



Ticking this option seems to fix the issue…

No, but this issue has been there for a while. See Shaded mode display colours of "By Layer" surfaces applied inconsistently - #12 by Rhino_Bulgaria

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