Flip Matrix with unequal branch length inserts nulls

Merging data streams with different numbers of objects, I end up getting equal numbers of objects after flipping the matrix (with some entries null):

What is the best way to avoid this? Should I be using Replace Path instead?

Since a Matrix is a “square” collection … the Flip thing does the right thing.

Anyway get the attached as a demo upon what a Transpose (i.e. Flip in GH speech) means for a Matrix. Added a C# that does the Transpose for a Tree but has an option (nulls or no nulls). Flip is also included for output comparison.

Matrix_Transpose.gh (120.1 KB)

Also try (but with nulls):

Screen Shot 041

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Thank you so much for the C# script, works great!
Seems like having a no-nulls transpose would be such a useful function, too bad there is no built-in Grasshopper component for that.

You can eliminate the nulls by passing the output of the Flip Matrix component through a Clean Tree component.


Oh, that simple! Thanks!