Flexibility plugin for Grasshopper version 18

flexibility plugin for Grasshopper version 18 in food4Rhino Available

A plugin for creating reconstruction of geometry and structure of objects, … flexibility plugin development for SubD, Mesh, Nurbs, Curve

Many components (Rhino Command) in Grasshopper

(For example (Subd Bridge) (SubD inset,…, Overkill Curves, Fractal, Spiral ngon, Fillet, Connection and Chamfer Curve Surface, …



Thank you for developing Flexibility! This is a powerful plugin!

Thanks for the plugin!

I have a few feature request for the DeleteObject from Rhino.

  1. Would it be possible to add a run output, so I can chain the delete objects from layer and bake by insert components?
  2. Is there a way to undo the deletion in Rhino? The deleting doesn’t seem to be captured in the undo history.
  3. Could you add support for removing objects on locked layers? My workflow is as follows: I am offsetting curves and bake the result to Rhino. But I don’t always want to select the offset, so I lock the layer. But that means I cannot delete the objects and may end up with several new baked objects, because the layer was not cleaned on beforehand.
  4. A Layer input to delete all objects on a layer might also be a handy addition (to reduce components on the canvas).