Flexhopper soft forms getting stuck on original meshes

I have been trying to create a grasshopper definition where long cylinders drape over each other as soft body transformations. I am pretty close to getting what I was intending, but I have an issue I have not been able to solve, which is that the soft versions of the mesh forms get stuck on the initial rigid meshes.

I have the definition set up so that lines are randomly generated at various angles within an XY plane, and the lines are turned into pipe forms. Those forms are then raised up to different heights in sequence (with no height overlap), so that when they are “released” and drop down to the base plane, they will land on each other. My hope was that once the solver was initiated, the dynamic soft body versions of the meshes would be the only meshes used to determine collisions, but it would appear that the initial mesh positions and forms continue to act as collision objects, even as the soft versions fall and deform. Can anyone help me figure out how to keep the initial meshes from getting in the way of the soft versions?

Here is a screenshot showing an example of the issue, with the initial mesh forms in red, and the transformed meshes in black:

And here is the definition:
SOFT BODY COLLISION TEST (Colby Parsons).gh (60.3 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help, and please let me know if it would help to provide more information.


–Colby Parsons