Planarize topography surface?

Hello all,

Im working with a topographical model, and I need one part of the topography to be planar.
I was thinking about creating a solid from this planar surface, to planarize that part of the topography, but a mini cliff is created as consequence.

The transition from slope to planar has to be smooth.

Any ideas how this can be achieved? Uploading file here: Topography to Planar.3dm (1.3 MB)


Hi Shynn - something like the attached?

Topography to Planar_PG.3dm (1.0 MB)


Hi Pascal, thanks for your help.

Exactly what I was trying to do, care to explain how you did it in case I need to change where the planar part starts?

Hi Shynn -

  • ExtractSrf the top surface
  • ShrinkTrimmedSrf (for convenience in dealing with the points)
  • Untrim
  • Turn on control points, select the ones in the region to planarize.
  • SetPt, Z only, snapping to the planar curve you have there.
  • Scale1D the sides past the surface.
  • Trim the surface and sides to each other, Join.