Flatten plastic deformed surfaces

Hello everyone,
What’s the usual method for flattening plastic deformed surfaces?
See attached file for an example.

Cone-Flatten1a.3dm (148.1 KB)

Hello - not really - you can get the basic cone part flattened - it is developable - by first DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes and then extracting the cone surface. The fillets will not unroll though- you’ll need to build that.


Thanx Pascal.
That’s what I was wondering.
Figured I’d come in here to see what the ‘experts’ say.
Is there an add-on that may do it that you might know of?

Well how would this be formed, what are you trying to flatten it to?

If we’re talking about “forming” operations, that’s not something that can really be “flattened,” not really. The material is flowing like in a mold, there’s no ‘unfolding’ logic to follow.

Yes, I agree.
But some people in the Inventor forum want to know.
So I told them maybe Rhino3d can do it w/an add-on.
I had an add-on for Rhino v2 that flattened simpler plasti-formed plate (for ship builders), but it’s out of date and won’t work on v6. It was quite expensive too!

@cadman777 Just curious, are you saying that you were able to “unroll” double curvature surfaces with a plugin in the past?

Because what @pascal and @JimCarruthers are saying is that it is impossible to unroll double curvature surfaces without deforming them.

If you did it in the past, maybe _FlattenSrf or _Smash might be what you are looking for? Such tools would help if the material you are using is flexible/stretchy. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I am not sure what the actual difference between the two is BTW. Maybe Pascal can clarify that if those tools are helpful to you.

What do you think? :thinking:

Yes, that’s hat I’m saying.
The add-on was around $500US for education licence back during Rhino2.
I don’t recall what add-on it was, sorry.