Unwrapping\unfolding image from a 3D surface into a 2D pattern

Dear all,

I am struggling to unwrap a decal from a 3D surface. The objective is to see the image undeformed on a 3D surface. Therefore, the 2D corresponding image will be deformed.The process works well for a cylinder, as shown below. However, it does not work properly for a cone.

For the cone, the lines become zigzagged just after I use the bake command. I wonder if you could help me with that? In fact, I have two main questions. Is this the best tool for unwrapping? If so, how can I do it for a cone-like shape? I need to unwrap an image for the tail of an airplane (not a perfect cone though…).

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi Gitsuzo - you may be able to reduce the zig-zag by making the render mesh on the cone very dense - see object Properties > Custom mesh


Dear Pascal, thank you very much! It worked!

Another question… I would like to do the same thing using a mesh (or points cloud). However, it seems the “bake” command does not work for meshes. Any suggestions?

Once again, thank you!


Hi Gitsuzo - I do not have a good idea I’m afraid.


No problem

Hello again,

I am trying to use “bake” to unfold an image from a tail of an airplane. However, the image generated is black and white as well as deformed. I would really appreciate some help from @pascal or whoever is interested…

Thanks a lot!


Hi Gitsuzo - can you post or send the file to tech@mcneel.com?