Flatten 3D crv to 2D polylines in same position and length

Hi guys!
I want to build a model of a bending active shell. I created it via Kangoroo and now I have multiple curves that show the shape I want to have in my modell. In order to build a physical model of it, I need a 2D plan, that shows the flattened crvs in 2D. They should have the same distances to each other (the intersections are going to be somewhere else than in 3D because of the flattening process, in reality you would work with bigger gaps in the beams to handle that), and of course the same length as in 3D.
Basically I would like to press the shape down in 2D. Just projecting the crvs will shorten them. Any suggestions how to do that?

For each polyline:

  1. Create points with coord 0,0,0 , number of them is equal to number of points in 3d polyline
  2. Change each point Y coordinate to value of each 3D polyline length.
  3. Connect points to polyline
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Hi! I don’t really get your description. Which points on the polyline are you talking about? just starting/endpoints or also the intersections. Also I can’t imagine how changing the y coordinate could end up in a grid like I need it. Just to explain further what I want I post some pictures how I imagine it could look like compared to the 3D shape.

The first note was example for each lamella.

If it is an active bendng grid shell, you can use kangaroo angle goal by setting angle to 0. But normally, you would this vice versa: first 2d, then simulation.

Examples are here

Hi! Thank you very much! Actually I just realized that I had a very stupid error in my thinking. Somehow I thought, that the length of the lamellas would change during the formfinding process in kangoroo. But of course it does not, so I can just use the grid from the beginning for the physical model aswell! Thanks anyways!