Creating bending active gridshell


A want to make a gridshell in kangaroo2 like the one in the picutre below. But I don’t know exactly how the bending works or how it is implemented.

The idea is that the flat grid is erected to become the structure.

(Arturo De La Fuento - youtube)

Does someone have an example of something like this or suggestions as to which components need to be used to make this structure?

Thank you!

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Hi @eva.vangansbeke
The bending-gridshell example here is very similar to what you show

@DanielPiker Yes indeed! There is one part I don’t fully understand (see picture below). What is the purpose of this script (creating bending?)? What value are the restangles?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that part creates the bending resistance of the rods.
It works by trying to keep a particular angle between consective segments of a polyline, which is why you have that ‘shift’ component, to get the next segment along. Then it trims the lists to the same length with the ‘Short’ component because the last segment has no next segment.
The RestAngle input is for setting the angles between the segments in their rest state.
If no input is given here though, it defaults to the initial angle between the segments as the rest angle.
For this gridshell the starting laths are straight, so this RestAngle will default to zero, which is what you want, so no need to add any input to them.

@DanielPiker Aha okay, I understand. Is the component ‘rod’ (Kangaroo2) similar to this script? Or what is the difference?

Yes, the Rod component is just a way of creating all the Angle and Length goals for a polyline in an automatic way.