Flat 3d surfaces and prepare for lasercutting


i try to flat the surfaces you can find in the files but i cant find a solution …
is there a way to flat the surfaces. i need it for lasercutting, it is important that
the heiht and lenght is the same after flatten… i think the lines of the surfaces i can
get from the command dupboarder.

thanks ! surface flat it for lasercutting.3dm(2.4 MB)

you can use setpt with the z option checked to flatten things- however you may be looking for the “smash” command to flatten objects into pattern pieces-


Squish or Smash
My recollection is Squish was intended as the replacement for Smash. Squish has more options to allow greater control of how a surface with double curvature is flattened. The appropriate choice of options depends on material properties and fabrication method.

Your surface has double curvature. If made of metal, plywood or similar it can not be simply bent into shape from a flat, laser cut piece.

That is what ProjectToCPlane does if used in the Top View

hi and thank you guys for the answer command setpt dont work for the voronoi surface and the smash command make crasy lines of the voronoi … the command squish make some crap …

Hi Micha,

For the Voronoi UnrollSrf command with option Explode=No should work.
However you file absolute tolerance (0.01) is way to large for the fine filaments (0.03 wide) of the Voronoi structure to unroll correctly.

Try setting it to a smaller tolerance than the current 0.01:


great ! thank you willem it works
i changed the units in to millimeters and now it very fine
i dupboarder it and have now the lines vor the lasercutter !