Flamingo auto-generating environments - won't stop

Strange one. I have Rhino 5 64 bit and Flamingo nxt. When I access the control center and click the environment tab, the environments suddenly start generating environments; all labeled “Flamingo background 001.” All the same title. And it generates one per second. I checked the windows task manager and found that it is, in fact increasing memory use with each “new” background.

I tried to remove the Flamingo app and reinstall but, each time I remove, it returns. I have to end the Rhino program from windows task manager.

This is a recent problem. I did not install anything new and, there was no windows update in the past 6 days.

I have Nvidia graphics card.

can you record your screen so we can see what is happening?

Is this happening on all files, or just one?

I’m thinking you may want to uninstall both rhino and flamingo and reinstall.