Issue with Curves in grasshopper

Rebate (15.8 KB)


I am trying to use this script to offset then add circular sections for our CNC operating but I can’t quite figure out where it is going wrong.

This is what i’m trying to achieve.

But it creates a curve that can’t be joined with these gaps and bits that need to be trimmed. Any help would be much appreciated.

In the longer term I would like to create shapes more like this (better for the CNC) so any ideas for this would also be great. Thanks!


works just fine here… two closed planar curves come out - probably a precision issue on your side - either you work far from zero or some document tolerances are off

It seems inconsistent, This is the document I am using it on and some work fine and others don’t.

without a file i cant really say more…

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This is part of the file with the same thing happening, thanks for your help!

Example.3dm (132.8 KB)

your geometry is not on Z=0. Its 1.8 meters above - that’s why it doesn’t work… move it down and all is fine

Thanks so much, perfect

Any ideas on how to achieve a round like the last picture in the post? When i’m in rhino I use a 3 point circle but I cant work out how to do this in grasshopper