Fix self intersecting curves


I don’t often run into this situation, but when I do it is a chore to fix.

Lets say I have a four separate lines drawn like a square. If I duplicate one of those lines and join the five lines, I will have a self intersecting curve. How do I fix this curve? Is there a way to highlight the intersecting segments so I can go in and delete them? My situations are not usually this simple- the shapes are more complex and I only find out that the lines are self intersecting when I see the pop-up window as I attempt to extrude the curve.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Lawrence - if it is a case of duplicate segments, then Explode the curve, SelDup, Delete, and then Join it all back. More general self-intersections are harder, especially if they overlap and don’t just cross. CrvEnd and CrvStart may help - if these are not the same point on a curve that looks closed then… Also SelOpenCrv - if that gets curves that should be closed (overlapping at the ends) then at least you know what to look for.


(Chuck Welsh) #3

It sounds like your curves are planar. CurveBoolean might help.


Thank, it’s good to know there are commands like crvstart and crvend. I guess those would help in situations where the overlapping curve is a partial segment of the square as opposed to a duplicate segment.

(Shanep) #6

This worked great!! Thanks!