First problem with Rhino

Hi guys,
I’m an Italian boy and I work in London in a factory of spectacle frames. Yesterday we received the cnc machine that uses Rhino 5 and Rhino NC. I had done the training in Italy for 4 days and I saw also with the trainer that sometimes Rhino gave some problems and it turned off.
Today I tried to drawn some new models but when I do the post process with Rhino NC, it says invalid machine and if I try again, it gives the same problem than in Italy, turns off and asks to send the error to McNeel.
Does someone know why it happens and the solution?
Thank you very much

Did you send the error report?


No because I didn’t have internet

Now I sent the error

Do you mean that it is using RhinoCam (plugin for Rhino) that when posted produces NC files (text files) for a specific CNC software, like Mach3 which is set up to the CNC machine and processes the G-Code (NC files) to the CNC Servos or Stepper Motors.

From my experience it is RhinoCam that is buggy. Also there should be a dongle if you are using RhinoCam (so the plugin can run).

. Greg