Finer Control Over Kangaroo Mesh Deform

I’m using Kangaroo Solid Point Collide to deform a Mesh plane by lowering an ellipsoid onto the Mesh plane.

I really like the shape it is creating but I want the mesh Plane to follow the shape of the ellipsoid a little more closely…


What can I do to give the model control over this?

I thought about using a Box instead of a Mesh plane and using some pressure inside the box but I think this would be fiddly to adjust and create unwanted bulges.

I’ve tried tweaking the Strength and Length Factor of the Edge Lengths goal but not had much luck.

Can I use warp weft to make the mesh plane stretchier in one direction? (20.1 KB)

If you want it to hug the shape more closely rather than just being stretched by it, it could help to add a low strength OnPlane goal, or an OnMesh pulling the fabric towards the ellipsoid.

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Increase the ‘W’ and ‘H’ input values for MPlane?


Thanks, I used Floor which is the same as OnPlane in this case I think?

@Joseph_Oster Sorry! about the ellipsoid. If you want to play with the definition just replace that with a sphere or any solid mesh!

Yes, here Floor and OnPlane will do the same thing.
Floor doesn’t pull points down when they are above the plane like OnPlane does, but since everything’s below the plane here that won’t make a difference.

I created my own ellipsoid (cyan group), then doubled the ‘W’ and ‘H’ values: (25.7 KB)

Hmmm… look along the other axis… I don’t think it makes much difference if you increase the number of mesh faces because the tension direction stays the same through the “fabric”

This is how this one turned out… Really pleased with the Kangaroo shape but not so happy that the wood (reclaimed pitch pine from our old roof) had 2 distinct grain patterns. I might cover this with coloured epoxy and do another one from better, consistent wood.