Fine screen material


I’ve been struggling to create a super fine screen material for these coffee filters. I’m having problems with the texture. I’m using a diffuse and bump map for it. As well a material reflection setting of ward -.8. With the transparency the texture gets completely lost. This is for packaging so the background is transparent. I’m rendering with diffuse, shadow, reflection and specular channels. I’ve tried to do it in post but with even less success. Anyone have some advice?

When you have a very fine grid of metal, like your filter, the play has to be with the anisotropy parameter. That’s the same parameter used for hair and fur.
Hope this could help you.
Of course a very super high res rendering helps too.

I’ve have the anisotropy set to ward -.8. Could you please give me more specific instructions? All the fur textures I have rely heavily on displacement settings.

Oops, you write on first post. Sorry.
I suppose you have the material set as metal do the problem could be the light. Have you tried to put an hdri in the reflection channel? This could add some specular and let to see the filter better.