Video/stills library where answers to threads of real life problems are deposited

Its one thing playing a video tutorial made by Rhino where everything goes swimmingly, but we then try it on our own tasks and invariably we hit snags. Have such examples featured in a video library accessible to all with an easy to find entry point and search function to find e.g. videos on Fillet commands, e.g. telling us FilletSrf is better than FilletEdge, as I have just been informed, on the Rhino website or even here ? We could all learn a bit more from problem solving, why things have gaps, strange effects, or dont work as we hope, etc.

Also a tips and tricks section, clever ways of doing things that the beginner might not realise, like pipe command to create a sausage shape rather than cylinder and spheres and some cutting.

A best approach section, where the best approach for a task is indicated and shown. Anyone thats created a video or even a pictorial fix could store such for ease of access by all.

I love learning and I am troubled that such exists and I am not aware of where, or that it doesnt and it would be so useful. A more condensed searchable store of the answers to thousands of forum posts, where especially videos were made to demonstrate some answer.

In summary an easier to find summary page of answers to issues where the author can easily deposit the answer with some keywords for the search function.