Finding duplicate edge curves

If I have, say, a bunch of volumes some of which have concurrent identical edges (maybe like stacked cubes): if I get all the edges of all the volumes, I will have a bunch of duplicates. Is there an easy way to extract the set of unique edge curves - as in “Bake, SelDup, Delete”… ?? In this case all the edges are linear if that helps.

Thanks, --Mitch

If they are lines, then there are components for finding duplicates. I’m pretty sure Kangaroo has one.

If they are curves, then I don’t think there’s any precanned solutions. But there could well be a Find Duplicate Curve components out there in some plugin…

Hi Mitch,

You can use the Milkbox’s Remove duplicate curves component.
It can remove any kind of duplicate curves.

To access the upper Milkbox’s Remove duplicate curves component, one needs to first join the Milkbox group. Then the link can be accessed.

and what about people who do not have facebook? how do they gain access without being directly spied upon?

it’s not a facebook thing…
join the group on… like:

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Thank you for clearing that up Jeff.

@flatform you need to be registered on Grasshopper forum in order to be able to join a group and then download the component.
In order to register to the Grasshopper forum you can just create a new account by using your email address. One does not need to login through his/hers facebook account if he/she does not want to.

I apologize for not mentioning that in the upper comment.

neat! thank you replying so fast. as facebook was mentioned i didnt dig in to see more. :slight_smile: