Remove coincident edges from ' De Brep '


how can I remove one of each coincident edges from DeBrep ? for example, when I bake the curves into a pipe I get two overlapping pipes

ps. remove duplicate curve seems not working

remove duplicate edge (13.7 KB)
<a class=“attachment” remove duplicate edge.3dm (4.2 MB)
href=“”>remove duplicate edge (13.7 KB)

You can use removeDuplicateLines from Kangaroo, or you can use the native CullDuplicates component.

P (21.6 KB)


Thanks @ Mahdiyar!

It’s because you are DeBrepping each panel. I believe if you flatten and join the panels to make a polysurface Brep, then DeBrep will give you single edges.

thanks @Michael_Pryor
this work as well and can be quite handy too