Finding center of a geometry

Hi? How do you find the center of a geometry? On a tutorial I’m watching there is a command called CENTER, but it doesn’t exist on mine. This is super weird. Please help!

Thank you!

There is no command called Center in Rhino, there is a Center object snap that snaps to centers of arcs, circles and closed polygons. Rhino objects do not have a center or pivot point like some other programs do. By default, the Gumball center is at the object’s bounding box center. For closed planar curves and planar surfaces, there is the AreaCentroid command which will put a point at the centroid. There is also a VolumeCentroid for surface and mesh volumes.

You can use Bounding Box and then select the geometry you are trying to manipulate and the bounding box with center snap turned on, or alternatively use DupFaceBorder and you will be able to grab surfaces by their center point