How to find centre and orientation of object?

I have the following curve:

If I select it, the gumball appears at the objects centre. How do I find the centre myself, without the gumball? None of the Osnap options seem to work for this object. The reason I ask is that I want to position this object so that its centre point lines up along a rail so that I can perform a Sweep Rail command.

Second question. The curve lies on one plane however, I noticed that the arrows of the gumball don’t lie along the same plane. Why is that and can it be changed?

Hi the_ether,

My workflow would be like this:

1: Use Orient3Pt to orient the planar curve to the Cplane.
2: Use the AreaCentroid command to find the point that you (probably) want as center
4: Use the Command OrientOnCrv pick the AreaCentroid as base point
Then inside the command check the commandline for the option to Orient Perpendicular
and next set Rotate=Yes to rotate around the curve


Hi Ether- Gumball appears to find different centers depending on it’s alignment- if set to Cplane, it is is the centroid of the cplane based bounding box, otherwise the World based one- not necessarily the same of course and neither necessarily a ‘true’ center- your best bet there is AreaCentroid to mark it with a point.

To realign the gumball to the current cplane,click the white ‘bunny tail’ on the Gumball and choose Reset Gumball from the menu.

Does that do what you need?


Thanks for AreaCentroid but do you know the answer to the Gumball issue? My object is already aligned with Cplane.

Ah, just found a popup menu on the Gumball and a reset command.

Thanks Pascal. I just stumbled upon the Gumball’s bunny tail as you were posting your note.