Problem in CENTR POİNT

Hi, I am a new user , want to create a point center , used Area Centroid , But there is a difference , Is there a suitable solution? thanks

Hello - the Gumball is located at the center of the object(s) bounding box, not the object center.


Thank you for quick response, is there a quick way to create a point the center of the object . Thanks

What’s wrong with AreaCentroid?

Hello - I’m not sure I follow but, AreaCentroid will get more of a geometrical center of the object - if you want the bounding box center, i.e. what matches the default Gumaball center, then there is not a clean way to get that in one step in plain Rhino - I’ll make a quick script. (307 Bytes)

use a macro like this to run it off of a button or alias:

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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Thanks .

Adding a “center point” option to the BoundingBox command should be considered as a future enhancement,