Finding a specific function

So I have a 3D plant geometry on Rhino linked to grasshopper and I used the Deconstruct Box to this geometry.
This Deconstruct function gives me the x,y and z axis extremes for the plant. Let’s say I want to create a circle which has as radius the bigger extreme on the x axis ( ex: when i drag the mouse to the x icon on deconstruct, it shows -6 to 4 which are the 2 x axis extremes. What I want is a function to take the number 6 since its bigger than 4 and I want to input it as a circle’s radius).

What does that mean?

And what does that mean?

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I need a function that will take the bigger number from the -0.069122 to 0.071676 which is here 0.071676 so I can input this number into a circle function as its radius.

Deconstruct domain. Absolute value. sort. list item.

Thank you so much!

Unless you reverse the output of Sort or change the default List Item ‘i’ input from 0 to 1, that will return the smaller of the two absolute values, not the larger, eh?

X dimension of the box is (domain max - domain min)
Why you need only the max value?

Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Would have used -1 to get the last. Or maybe even the min/max component from heteroptera