Find the average curve (4.5 MB)
Hi everyone!

Once again ill ask for your valuable help. My problem is that i try to generate the average curve of the following shape(BLUE LINE) but i cant export it as much as i would like to. I think im very close or maybe not! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your time

hi @slobo784,

I think you were almost there as you say but it seems you kept all curves after trying to get the flat mesh boundary though you only needed the border (there were tiny useless fragments).

Here’s an approach if you want to take a look: (4.5 MB)

It cranks some stuff then gives you a tween curve, which isn’t the same as an average curve…

at the end I included an alternative result using the “average curve” command from the pufferfish plug-in:

I am sure you can grab that average curve without the plug-in, though - I am just lazy :slight_smile:


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Thank you @corellaman!!