Find surface, which is fully whithin another surface


There are 2 lists of surfaces:
List A: Surfaces which represent walls
List B: Surfaces which represent openings

I would like to retrieve the matching Openings + Walls indexes.
Note: I did already match them bij --> area --> centroid --> closest points. however, this is not sufficient because there are example possible that there are wall running in the perpendicular direction (which have the centroid more closely to the centroid of the opening).
Furtheremore: It is very important that the opening has to be fully ‘inside’(not partly outside) 1 wall. If not I would like to see some sort of a warning.
So for instance: opening 2 --> warning opening not fully inside 1 wall.

2020-05-16 match surface to fully enclosed (38.5 KB)

any suggestions?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You could design your models differently so they don’t present so many challenges. :sunglasses:

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Haha yep its getting quite a big model. But learning alot and like the challenges!. Thats the most important :wink:
Do you have any suggestion on this one? :slight_smile:

How does someone painting a floor avoid painting themselves into a corner?

Why isn’t each floor and wall a separate branch in a tree?

How are opening locations assigned?

Why don’t the floor heights match on the two walls?

It is just a small part of the building. Its a split level, different storey heights left/right.
But more important its just an example. So in fact the question can be more simple: is it possible to select a rectangle which fully covers a smaller rectangle?

Please answer my questions first. Are you throwing darts at the wall or is there a method to assigning / defining opening locations? Like perhaps relative to surfaces, floors and/or walls. I’m serious.

Oke Lets give it a try :slight_smile:.
I am making a model/script/language, with the aim to setup a geometry (like wall, floor, openings) only with textual input.
After the geometry is in rhino (like the part I present here), I can send it to other software. For the packege I am sending it to (calculation package) it is mandatory that an opening is ‘inside’ and linked to, the larger surface ‘e.g. wall/floor’. To be able to be correctly imported. Soo its needed for making the ‘translation’ to the other software package. :slight_smile:
I know what you are saying. It is maybe also possible to deduce it from other data/branches etc. But the point is, its a generic script/language. So I would like to be able to assign the surfaces/openings the same way, also when its a totally different structure. I can imagine its quite hard to understand (and explain) sorry for that. :slight_smile:

Blah, blah, blah… I’m interested in data structures and algorithms, not dreams.

2020-05-16 (72.1 KB)

Thank you both! :+1: :+1: