Find similar values

Hi guys,

It is my first time posting here but as was wondering if anyone have seen this kind of bug with Find Similar. I have a list of 3900 values that are link to points on a map. Anyway, I’m trying to the closest values in this list with another one. The problem is, with Find Similar, the result is not even close to the value I’m searching for.

As you can see in the first list, there is plenty of values that are closer to the one than I’m looking for.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Any value that flows through a panel becomes text. So you’re comparing text here, not numbers. Although even that looks fishy to be honest. Care to post a gh file with just those numbers internalised?

Hi David,

I tried to connect the lists without passing trought panels but the result was as far as the previous one.

Is there also a way to find multiple similar values inside a range?

Thank you for your help, here is the file with internalise data !

Find (87.7 KB)

Find (49.3 KB)

Hi Joseph,
Thank you a lot for your time and your solution. Unfortunately, I’m not sure to understand…the tolerance input seems to take a range of values without searching for similar to another one.
Am I wrong?

Thank you