Finding item from one list in another

Hi everyone!

I am trying to sort my data again :see_no_evil: This topic is just out of my competence… So the idea is that I have two lists: List 1 is numeric data list, which item and index is corresponding to the each point in list 2. After some manipulations with points from List 2 (culled unwanted points) and now I want to match them (List 2.1) with its numeric data. I was tring to use Member Index or Set Difference, but unsuccessful. It retrives me wrong data.

Could someone help me? :disappointed:

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Member Index should be working just fine: (16.0 KB)

It doesen’t sort it. (28.8 KB)

Not sure why Member Index isn’t working, Find similar member should be working though. (26.3 KB)

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Yupp! Was about to text you the same. I also managed to make it work with similar member. Thaks a lot! :smiley: