Find domain

dear all
i read one scrip somewhere and need to help explain the principle of the algorithm
find the domain for list item of points from MD slider combine with Squar Gride
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I don’t really understand your question and looking at your code doesn’t help.

“Pro tip”: avoid using “Faint” wires, they are not as informative as “Default” wires.

Two Find Domain components look like they are working fine. Their ‘I’ (Index) outputs can be used to get each of the found domains. However, I don’t see how it makes any sense to Evaluate those index values through this expression: x*(y+1)+z before using them for List Itemi’? (22.0 KB)

P.S. Later - I think I understand the expression. Here is a completely different way to get the same result: (21.8 KB)

The white points correspond to the MD Slider positions, the blue points are the closest points from the SqGrid.

i don’t understand the meaning of Evaluate Expression also, maybe that is a regular for celling bound

maybe they develop idea from here

I don’t see any connection to that at all.

Find Domain is being used to derive rounded X and Y values from the MD Slider positions (points in the zero to 1 range). The expression uses the domain index values to compute an index value into the flattened list of points from SqGrid.

If that’s too complex for you, look at the method I posted instead, it’s much simpler.