Find And Cull Single Curves


I need to find and cull curves that do not connect to a streetnetwork in order to use it for the plugin cheetah.
I used “Collision Many / Many” to find single curves but there are still smaller networks of several curves that i can not get rid of. See Picture attached.

Does anyone know how to isolate those from the streetnetwork so that all lines are connected?

Or is it somehow possible to group all lines/curves that are connecting to a network of curves? I tried join but that did not work.

Thank You


It could be cool to have some example in order to test strategies on real data.

Cull single (82.1 KB)
Cull single curves.3dm (1.3 MB)

Of Course.
Thank you very much.

a crude way of getting rid of small lines is, after a join, cull by curve length, get rid of curves shorter than a certain length. Very easy to implement, and it works.

Vipers have some nice components that can detect disconected curves. For now this components are in Chinese.

Thanks for the elements.
I began a little C#, it works for a little count of curves but not for your example.
I used the output “Collision Many / Many” index and a series of integer in order to have the connexions between curves.
For example with 3 curves intersectiong output could be 1 0 1, put a serie 0 1 2 so
0 is connected to 1
1 is connected to 0
2 is connected to 1
The idea is to link these couple of integer, if they can link the are on a same group of curve. Simple in principle…

Hope you will find a solution.


Thank You all!
I tried the Viper Plugin and it worked!
If you install the Plugin and use the Curvegroup Component your connected curves will be in branches!

See Screenshot!