Find a Normal of a curve (line perpendicular to curve)


Fairly simpel question but I can’t find it.
Is there a component which generates the Normal to a curve?

So drawing a curve which is perpendicular to the curve?

2021-06-02 Find Normal of (6.0 KB)

any suggestions?
Thanks :slight_smile:

In which plane?

Perp Frame or Evaluate Curve would be the two commands / components to start with (4.7 KB)

Version ‘B’: (9.5 KB)


You can also use Curve frame

2021-06-02 Find Normal of (12.5 KB)


my favorite method (especially when you want to clamp/control the rotation):

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Ahh perfect, thank you!

1 small layout question, how do you get the diplay of the component name above the component?
That is really handy! :slight_smile:

Thanks again! :+1:

This called Bifocals

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