FilletSrf does not see Pascal surface as a single surface

Pascal made a wall using extrude Curve then chopped it to profile,

this surface when using FilletSrf only allows me to select one part of it at a time, thus I am unable to fillet it.

What can I do ?
see attached.
FilletSrf wont allow multiple surf selection.3dm (279.0 KB)


Hi Steve - Multiple fillets. Extend=No and trim it all in afterwards. At the narrow end you’ll need to make some kind of compromise to accommodate the fillet to that smaller-radius vertical fillet:



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Hi Pascal,
only filletSrf options I have are radius extend and trim.

where do I choose multiple fillets ?

can one have a varying fillet radius, that would do it. I dont see that option either.


Hi Steve, since you wisely use fillets with exact numbers that you know, it’s very easy to make this missing filled accurately by using the “Variable radius surface fillet” command (_VariableFilletSrf). You can try it here at the attached file by following these steps:

  1. Run _VariableFilletSrf, then choose 1 mm radius from the command prompt (or you can modify it later) and click near the ends of the yellow and blue surfaces. That will show you a preview of the resulting filler surface and from there you can adjust it with different radius or change the rail type (in this case the rail type must be “rolling ball”, just like the one you used to build the red surfaces). Do the same operation with the blue and green surfaces.

  2. Use the newly created 3-sided fillet surfaces to split/trim the red, yellow, green and blue surfaces.

  3. Join everything.

  4. Enjoy your coffee. :slight_smile:

FilletSrf wont allow multiple surf selection (coffee edition) Rhino 5.3dm (336.8 KB)