Filleting Issue

Issue adding a radius to the side of the transom and hull of the vessel. radius is 1m. I am able to fillet the edge, however its very sloppy. The fullform is from maxsurf.

3DGA3.dwg (1.2 MB)

Hello - what is sloppy about it? Can you post a file with the surfaces, before the fillet?


By rebuilding polycurves to smoother curves (while also reducing controlpoint count) you can make a simpler Pipe to Trim with (pipe with one surface instead of a complex polysurface). In this example I also make the edges meet at the crease, and trimmed back the edges (halfway up the upper flat surface and same distance down the curvier part) to make a smooth center curve for the pipe (to make it one surface instead of a patchy polysurface). Then BlendCrv at the the top, bottom (keel) and at the crease, and finally, Cut using the Pipe, and Sweep2 along the two trimmed edges (tangency) using the three BlendCrvs as the cross sections, and add some “shape” curves to straighten up the iso curves. Doing so I ended up with this:

Fig 1. No matching used, only Sweep2.

Fig 2. The three Blend curves (ended up with three surfaces which joins well with the hull):

The sweeped surface(es) can probably be simplified further by Rebuilding them to a lower CP count and Matched.

Fig 3. Can be made better, but it’s all about preparing the initial curves:

Fig 4. How I prepared the Pipe center and cross sections (blend curves):

Others may have better ideas.

// Rolf

Here is the rendered view of the fillet.
A1 a2

Bare with me, I am not an experienced user, but I think youre saying to redraw the polysurface, which in this case is the hull. Unfortunately I have to keep the hull shape as it was exported from MAXSURF.

I made a continous curve of the polycurves (short segments) to be used as the center line for the Pipe (the trim-object). That trim curve (replaced by the “fillet”) doesn’t change the hull shape. I allowed deviation 0.003 (3 mm) from the original polycurve, which can be kept even tighter if need be (this deviation can be checked while doing the Rebuild (“calculate”)). For the FitCurv operation I allowed only 1 mm deviation.

But what do I know, I’m not a boat designer.

// Rolf