FilletCorners hardly works (2D)

So I wanted to post and get some feedback on this command.

FilletCorners is terrible… or maybe I am doing something wrong.

If I have a perfect rectangle, then FilletCorners will work great. Throw a curve or two in there, and FilletCorners does nothing.

I have to manually go through every single corner and Fillet them.

Does anyone have any suggestion for this?

Hi Alan,

Can you post some sample geometry and the parameters you are feeding into the FilletCorners command?

– Dale

Can you post a 3dm file with a sample that shows FilletCorners not filleting kinks in the polycurve? I’ll take a look.

I’ll be happy too in a bit.

I am getting told from my manager that if I sharpen all corners first, then FilletCorners works. But that only works in the scenario of rectangles.

I’ll get together a 3dm of some examples

thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s correct - it’s fillet corners… they do need to be sharp (kinks). But it doesn’t matter what angle, as long as a fillet can fit in there.


Yup yup… I just now thought of that lol… I’ll see myself out.