Fillet unusual surface

Hello all,
I am trying to fillet an a non geometric surface as pictures to make the top of the object smooth and rounded. Tried the fillet command and a few tutorials to try to solve the problem but not luck? Is there a rounded cap command I am missing? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work? Thanks in advance.

Assuming you want to round-over the gray object. You could try the famous pipe command right down the center. Explode the pipe, throw ends away. Extend pipe both ends. Then split gray surfaces by the pipe. Throw away all trash. Then blend surfaces either variable or even all the way. Might try it on a copy before going too far. —Mark

HI Shawn - if it is the blue object that you’d like to fillet, use FilletEdge, select all the top edges at once, and use a radius smaller than the existing small fillets on the part that will need to be negotiated by the new fillets. It would probably be best to build this with all hard edges and then add the filleting all at once.