Filleting issue!

I made a simple object and wanted to test how it is possible to make a transition between a triangle and a circle. I made the surfaces using “network surface” command but filleting by radius 1 (or any other) doesn’t give a good result.
In fillet preview, the point near the circle is marked by red and doesn’t show any preview fillet. I think the problem is that but
I don’t know how to solve it.
Please help!
P1.3dm (448.4 KB)

Hi Alex - a surface fillet there in the little skinny piece (FilletSrf > Extend=No ) will help.
ExtractSrf and Untrim copies of the blue surfaces and FilletSrf then put the result back into your object, replacing the sliver that is there.

P1_pG.3dm (168.5 KB)


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