Fillet tool

hi :slight_smile:
i am trying to create fillet on this curves and this whats happends…:confused:
how can i repair it?
thanks :slight_smile:
picture of the problem and rhino file
hdnew11fw.3dm (438.4 KB)

The fillet that you just created is bigger than certain
surfaces allow. Rhino is trying to keep the
fillet requested but can not make the fillet and trim the original surface and join.

This video’s a good one to start:

Below is more advanced:

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Hi @al_davidson

To add to what @Toshiaki_Takano wrote, you also need to pay attention to your geometry being clean. You have a small, skinny surface in the corner that is in the lower left on the image. It creates a small corner, that prevents the fillet from working. That needs to fixed before proceeding.

HTH, Jakob


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thanks :slight_smile: