Fillet rolling ball

Dear Mc Neel Team,
Why since V6 a simple function such as fillet ( rolling ball) failed on such simple BREP… ( was working better under v5)
@DavidRutten make this tools available on GH which could allows designers to make amazing tools for parametric sheet metal structure knowing that most of the time due to fab tools the inner radius is used ( not the Edge distance or the Rail one)… but… but… it just doesn’t work…
Is this on the Top list?

Hello - can you please post a Rhino file with the object and mention the radius you’d like to use?



fillet rolling failed.3dm (51.2 KB)
10mm… strange thing is that if a copy and paste this Brep on another session it seems to works…
However there is in a previous post a GH definition with internalize data available…

Best Regards