Fillet puzzle

Hi Pascal,
I’m not very happy with those sudden changes of curvature either. I was using curve blends on curves that touched at the ends, but wasn’t able to figure out how to move the blend points, within the command (to smooth out the transition), in a way that was exactly repeatable from blend to blend.
In the next iteration of this project, I have been creating circles at the intersection of the curves to be blended and trimming the curves back to the circle before blending them. However that sets the size of the blend in stone, and requires undoing everything if I decide on a different size circle.
Is there a way to make adjustments to the blend curve stick, or be repeatable?

Hi Nick- I’d turn on the curvature graphs and adjust those to be ‘harmonious’ rather than try to reproduce point locations.


You mean adjust the graph by eye?
I guess I need to work more by getting one corner right then mirroring. I tend to try to do all corners at once and therefore looking for a way of setting the blend to be repeatable.