Fillet keeps failing!

Hi guys,
I made this rim which I posted yesterday from the scratch. Now, the fillet leaves a gap in the spike section.
How to fix it?

02.3dm (728.6 KB)

Hoi Alex, It seems to me those are different parts because the isocurves are not in line. Does this help?

You have weird curves, some of which have a radius already… I’m guessing you’re trying to fillet with a larger radius than the driving geometry:

I’d suggest taking the outlines and redrawing it but with straight lines and/or arcs. Build it all with sharp edges and then fillet afterwards. Start with the big fillets and then the smaller ones - try not to fillet everything in one go.

Also, you can use the command ClippingPlane 3Point and redraw the faces as a quick work around. In the attached model I _DupBorder the trimmed the cut plane. This will enable you to quickly rebuild it.

02-1.3dm (390.8 KB)


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I couldn’t finally understand how to make this rim. At any rate it fails in filleting stage. Do anyone know how should I start the modeling process and how to manage filleting? I started from two disks then projected some curves over them and trimmed. After that I used Networksrf command to create crossing sections and then I attached them all. Then I tried to fillet but everything messed up. I need an in-depth help and guidance. I don’t really know how to make this Camaro rim.