Fillet Problems

Are there special techniques that makes it possible to fillet all of these edges? Look at the outer edge that I tried with and it just goes apart. If anyone knows how to round these edges off please let me know

MFilletProblem.3dm (252.6 KB)

Take a look at this tutorial Brian did, it should point you in the right direction. Good luck.

Modelling Complex Transistions

Filleting this can be done but not with the filletedge command.
The basic rule is if you want filleting to fail use filletedge command, if you want filleting to succeed use filletSrf command.

That means you have to create all the fillets manually or make do without.

The first step is to get rid of the fillets created by filletedge. If you try to use them, you will regret it because when it comes to trimming and joining you will discover they are not accurate.

Enclosed is a file showing the basic steps. It took about 10 minutes. FilletProblemX.3dm (803.5 KB)

great stuff… so much more to learn…
how are you making this intersection?

That fillet is just one fillet overlapping another. It is made the same way all the fillet surfaces are made - by clicking on the 2 surfaces that the filet connects. The fillet that has the other fillet going over it could have been made as part of the original revolved surface. That would have been more efficient and saved time.

I couldn’t get it to trim well… was thinking a 0.3mm fillet.
How did you come up with the highlighted fillet?

You need to make the highlighted fillet a bigger radius than the one that will wrap around it. I made that one .5mm

Thank you so much again, I don’t know what I would do without such a great help.

Same here. Thanks!
JFYI, wiki has some good stuff too. Gotta study myself…