Need Help/ Advice with filleting

Dear Rhino Gurus and Fillet Experts,

I’ve modelled a Track Shoe, and this is actually my first serious Rhino exercise. The whole modelling process went super smooth until I started adding some fillets.

The fillets already present were done with fillet edge, and didn’t cause any problems. The part highlighted in red however is where I bit my teeth out. Here I want a 0.2 fillet, but failed with fillet edge. Then I tried using fillet surf, and came a long way, but the junction of the two fillets alway ended like a cheap horror movie.

I watched all YT videos I could find, and there was only was which more or less resembled my situation ( which was by Gijs. I tried to follow his steps, but couldn’t make it work.

Anyone who likes to proof ist doable, is more then welcome :blush:!

TrackShoe.3dm (16.7 MB)

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Hello- I think, starting from here, I’d take what FilletEdge gives you then extractSrf these


Untrim and then retrim them



then join it all up again.



Hello Pascal,

“Untrim and then retrim them” did the trick!

Thank you very much!