Fillet face to edges

Hi all,

is there a way to make a solid fillet between faces and edges?


Dear @nicola.ss4
the fast answer - there is no single command that can do this (as fare as i know)
you search something like a variable fillet ( _variableFilletSrf and _filletEdge with multiple handles) - but both functions do not offer an advanced way to influence how the fillet-Radius is interpolated.

I love the idea of a command that allows to create a fillet, with a starting, tangent edge - and a target surface.

you will need a cone surface
and some transitions inbetween:

fillet_edge_to_srf.3dm (348.9 KB)

the workflow i used:
to construct the parts of the cones:
duplicate the planar surfaces and “fold” them down.

now you can construct starting and end _arc
_arc Tangent (arc tangent two curves)
→ a bit tricky to get

_loft the blue arcs to get the brown cones

for the violet transitions - i did a
_blendCrv (tangent) for the missing edge
and a
_sweep2 (rails are the edges of the brown cones, “tangent” )

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Hello- not as a solid operation but the test command testFilletSrfCrv may get you there - it is a test command and not supported - i.e. ‘use at your own risk’.
Note it does not always, at the moment, make the sweetest fillet surfaces…


testFilletSrfCrv_TEST_00.3dm (111.0 KB)

dear @pascal can you give more hints how this (nice) testcommand might work ?
did not manage to create any useful surface.

Hi Tom - you need a radius that will fit without hooking inside the input object - it looks like about 40 in your example, but you need to extend the plane to accommodate.


ok - the radius stays constant - this was the missing info.

nice command - thanks.

i was hoping for some other functionality:
to start with a tangent surface-edge (green surface) (if really great: also a trimmed one) and a second target surface (black) - and getting a variable fillet (brown)

An old workaround was this:

Drawins a pipe around the edge/curve. ( orange in the section )
Offsetting the surface by the pipe radius. ( orange )
Filleting with radius decreased by pipe radius. ( green )
Offsetting back the resulting fillet surfaces again by pipe radius. ( red )

Non fast, obviously, but might be useful if you have to draw only few fillets.


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Hi Pascal,

Huh …
I remember that (test) command … but not when it appeared. :confused:
Was it Rhino 5 ?
Or maybe earlier ? :grinning:

Thanks to all for the replies!!! :laughing:

The test command _TestFilletSrfCrv make the job, also because I was looking for a command that make a costant radius.

I think it could be usefull if it became a real command, with the possibility to select a chain border.

Many Thanks again!