Fillet edge round object

Hi guys. When I create a basic round object and use fillet edge or fillet surface I’m getting some funny results. I created a 2" diameter cylinder and used fillet edge to create a 0.100" fillet going around the top edge of it. When I measure the diameter of the edge of the fillet it reads 2" anywhere I measure. When I measure the diameter of the edge of the fillet of the flat face of the cylinder I get all different measurements when it should be reading 1.800". Even the concentricity of the top flat face is out from the cylinder.

When I try this same experiment with the fillet surface both edges of the fillet, on the top flat face and along the diameter of the cylinder I am getting varied diameter measurements. Again, concentricity is out of position.

Why am I getting these results on basic round shapes ?

Hello - the edge is withing tolerance of the ideal circle… but you are correct it is not, in V5, the ideal circle- this condition is handled better in V6 of Rhino - where where the answer for the fillet edge is a true circle you should get that in more cases, not something within file tolerance of it.


How stable is the WIP for V6 at this point ? I’ve been debating on making the switch. Is switching back to v5 a big problem if I find it is too unstable ?

V6 installs as it’s own program, so you can use both V5 and V6 at the same time. You can copy and paste between them, and as long as you save your work as a V5 file you can open it in either program.

As far as stability, I find it still a little rough at this point. Weekly new releases mean a lot of changes, and a lot of time spent with updates, and sometimes resetting all your preferences in Options, and reloading custom toolbars. If you need to be productive, for now working in V5 is a better bet.

This does indeed seem to be working much better in the WIP. At least with FilletEdge. I tried filleting a round object using FilletSrf though and am still getting the funny measurements. Will FilletSrf get the same sort of fix FilletEdge received ?